Essex County Youth Soccer Association

Technology Tips

Once you login to your account -  under referee, you should see your name and then some options:

  • "Referee Substitutions" - this is where you would look to see games that have been turned back from other referees.  These games are yours to grab if you are can check this as often as you like...
  • "Weekly Schedule" - this is just a quick weekly schedule view with Google Maps link to field location
  • "Monthly Schedule" - this is just a quick monthly schedule view with Google Maps link to field location
  • "Referee Feedback" - this is for games with more than one assigned Referee (eg. Spring Sunday games) or for a Mentor Referee if assigned and essentially provides the ability for a referee to give feedback on another referee
  • "Availability Preference" - this is where you enter your availability.  Where it says "click here to enter availability" - click that link and it will open the screen for you.  Now you can enter whatever availability you like
      • Example; if you were to say "Available" on "Saturday" and then click the boxes for "start of season" and "end of season" you would then be available for every Saturday during the season
      • You can always go back and enter "Unavailable" dates/times, etc. and those would override your original "Available" "Saturdays" designation to block out dates/time you aren't available
      • At the bottom of the screen, you can see your available and unavailable times
  • "Availability Form" - this is how you turn back a game or confirm your availability. 
      • On this screen, you should see your "assigned" games
      • But now you remember that you have an issue and can't make one (hopefully this is rare)
      • Click the "unavailable" box and then hit "update" which alerts the Assignor. 
      • And it would be great if all referees start to confirm their availability by looking at the assigned schedule and clicking the box for "available" then hit update - this alerts the Assignor that you confirmed your schedule and will be there to ref those games.
  • "Officials Game Report" - for every game in which you are assigned, you need to fill out the game report (it populates the score in our standings and confirms you were there for payment).  The report is very easy to use and provides you the ability to assign cards to players, detail incidents, etc.

Field Location/Map to Fields: Google Maps link is now avaiable on on the Weekly and Monthly Schedule under "Referee".  You can also use "Schedule" under "Referee" which has another calendar with assigned games.  Clicking on games in that calendar brings up a window with a Google Maps link to the field location.  


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