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Prior to the Start of the Season

Quite often coaches (usually new) don't always know what their responsibilities are. Even if you are a seasoned coach, please read and make sure you understand the material that follows.


Check you and your assistant's name and telephone #'s. If you don't have an assistant, pick a contact person on the team. Check your team colors and those of the other teams in your group for conflicts. Check that your home field is correct. Review the dates/times for your games and conflicts; per ECYSA reschedule criteria. If there are any, reschedule, NOW! By contacting your Town Travel Director and all affected opposing coaches IMMEDIATELY!


Prior to the start of the season, you should read all the rules at least once. Pay attention to the "COMPETITION" and "DISCIPLINE" sections. You are responsible to know and adhere to all the rules.


Official rosters will be provided to you by your Town Travel Director. Check to see that all your players' names are included on the roster. If not, DO NOT hand write the players’ name. If you do, your roster will no longer be valid. Instead, contact your Town Travel Director immediately, because you must get a new roster. Prior to your first game, add your players' uniform numbers to your roster if they are not listed already.


While on the sidelines, all coaches must display a valid ECYSA coaches’ credential and Mass Youth Soccer Association Credential. Please see your Town Travel Director for these documents.


There will no longer be game cards issued to coaches before the season starts. Game cards will be able to be printed by the coaches (and TDs if the coach needs assistance) directly from the system. Head coaches are still responsible for bringing a game card to any home games. After the game, the referee will fill out the game card as usual, and coaches will be able to take a picture of the game card if they wish. A Game Card button is now available in your Affiliated Games drop down...Town Director -> Affiliated games.


Make a list of the things you need to bring to games (Rosters, score card, game ball, players, alternate color shirts, etc.)


Coaches can fill out a coaches report and official evaluation for each home and away game. If you have any questions or comments, please see your Town Travel Director who will help you.

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