Essex County Youth Soccer Association

Referee Equipment

There are a variety of places where you can purchase referee gear. Here are two options:

Score Sports Score provides discounted purchasing options for ECYSA members. Use this link (Updated for 2019!) to download a catalog with ECYSA-specific deals and be sure to use the promo code found in the catalog when you place your order.
Official Sports Official Sports International is the exclusive uniform supplier for the United States Soccer Federation Referee Program. Here is a catalog of starter packages available from them.

Here are some suggestions for the basic equipment all referees should consider having as part of their kit:

  • A watch with a stopwatch function. We recommend having and wearing two of them in case one of them is stopped inadvertently, isn't started correctly, or stops working.
  • Something to write with. Ballpoint pen or pencil preferred. Marker type instruments not recommended as their ink could run if its gets wet. Again, having two is insurance should one fall out of your pocket or run out of ink/lead.
  • Red and yellow cards.
  • Data Wallet (often comes with red and yellow cards as well). A Data Wallet is where you put something to write on during a game to record goals, cautions, ejections, injuries, etc. You can also get Report Forms to put in the Data Wallet, make your own, or, in a pinch, the game card from the home coach.
  • Tossing coins.
  • Whistles. Make sure you have a spare at the field!
  • Flags for the Assistant Referees or Club Linesmen. You might need one for yourself if that's your assignment. You should also have them if you're in a three-person crew and you're the center referee.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Cold weather gear, if necessary.
  • Spare jerseys (if you have any) in case of color conflict.
  • A large plastic trash bag to put your stuff into at the field in case of rain.
  • Water
  • Snacks (like energy bars)
  • Anything else that works for you
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