Essex County Youth Soccer Association

Player Passes and Coach Credentials

This page provides information on the ECYSA Guest Players program, which is being expanded for the Spring 2022 season, and reviews the requirements for coaches to be eligible to coach at the match.

Guest Players

For this season, ECYSA is expanding the Guest Player program across all grade levels. Below is a summary of what you need to know about the program and how to deal with it at your games.

The following table lists the maximum number of Guest Players permitted per age group:

Grade GroupMax # Guest Players

Prior to the game, the coach needs to complete the Spring 2021 Guest Player Pass Form found on the website with the names and numbers of the guest players.

At the pre-game check-in, the coach presents the following to the referee/official:

  1. Completed ECYSA Guest Player Pass form
  2. The coach's own official team roster
  3. ECYSA coach cards for all coaches present

Match official duties:

  • Use the Guest Player Pass Form and the official team roster to check in the players for the match.
  • Retain the official team roster, Guest Player Pass Form, and coach cards for the duration of the match.
  • At the conclusion of the match, return the official team rosters and the coach cards, and distribute the game score reports to each team, as per normal procedure.
  • KEEP the Guest Player Pass Form - you will need it for match reporting purposes! In your game report, include the names of the guest players and the teams they play for.

Treat Guest Players meeting the above credential requirements as fully rostered and eligible for the match, and report any issues or events as related to those players in the same fashion as any other player in your match report.

Coach Credentials

ALL ECYSA registered coaches, 18 years of age and older, MUST have both of the following forms of identification at the field:

  • A valid ECYSA coach pass, AND
  • Mass Youth Soccer coach credentials (which must remain visible at all times - in most cases it will be on a lanyard around their neck).

If they do not have both forms of I.D., you shall direct them to the spectator side. And they are not allowed to coach from spectator side of field.

The name and town of any coach without proper credentials shall go into your post game report.

Note: coaches younger than 18 years do NOT require Mass Youth Soccer coach credentials. However, they still do require a valid ECYSA coach pass.

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