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Team Registration Import ("Import Roster" in the drop down) has CLOSED, but Add/Drop/Transfer (ADT) is now OPEN!  "Field Availability" will open soon.

An "Adding Players & Coaches" function (just a direct link to uploading your "Add" file) and an "Add Drop Transfer" function (ADT - also has a link to the "Add" file upload and includes a jersey update option for those of you that would like to add your jersey numbers if you didn't get them in originally) have been added to your Town Director drop down on the main page once you login.

This is how you will ADT players or coaches (please do not send files to the Registrar - they will just ask you to process them online).

Quick reminder as to some of the system scenarios that relate to ADTs:

  • All teams must have at least one "head coach"...the system will alert you
  • During Add/Drop/Transfer - you can no longer drop/transfer a coach if the team only has one (need to add one first)
  • Max five coaches per team (system limitation) but remember ECYSA does not require additional coaches to be listed on the roster (they do however require proper credentials)...added coaches beyond five would start to "drop off" the bottom coach
  • "Drop" and "Transfer" are done right in the system because those players/coaches were already loaded via the registration file upload - no file needed!
  • To "Add" a player, you are essentially using the same file template (sample "add" template attached) you used when uploading your rosters so the same verification processes will be in place for age, gender, non-residency, etc.:
  • You can "add" multiple players and/or coaches in one file upload
  • As you know, we are now requesting an email address for coaches AND players to improve communications but the import process does only allow one email per coach or player.  Please note that adding an email for players is not mandatory (coaches are mandatory) but it will certainly improve communications!
  • The coach gender column should be the actual gender of the coach.

PLEASE NOTE - once you complete an Add, Drop or Transfer, the player/coach will not be moved to the roster until it is approved on the ECYSA administration side (please allow 24-48 hours but we will try to process them as quickly as possible pending volume).

The system is set to calculate your registration fees (and other fees) - TDs have a drop down which will detail the town organization fees.

Registration fee worksheet and payment (check) should be mailed to:

  • J Chee, ECYSA Accountant, 33 Winter Street, North Reading, MA 01864
  • Please make sure to use the fee worksheet (Excel spreadsheet link below) to calculate fees owed.  The team fees on the Financial Report in the TD drop down will be different from the spreadsheet (and potentially changing) until the teams are assigned to their final placements (eg. MTOC vs County) in the system after the placement meeting.  If fee submitted is different from actual fees based on placements, ECYSA will send reconciliation invoices.

Here is the Fee Worksheet: 

Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Age Groups:


Grade Requirements


Born On or After

Grade 3/4

4th Grade or Lower



Grade 5/6*

6th Grade or Lower



Grade 7/8*

8th Grade or Lower



Grades 9/10*

10th Grade or Lower



Grades 11/12/PG*

12th + 1 year or Lower




If you have any registration-related questions, please email  If you have any system-related issues or questions, please email

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